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Literacy Toolkit CD ROM

Literacy Toolkit is a software program that helps to develop literacy sub skills in areas such as auditory and visual memory, vocabulary development, grammar and reading comprehension. It is ideal for young readers hoping to develop key literacy sub skills. Suitable for mainstream class or in a Learning Support/Resource setting. Can also be used with IWB. Excellent resource as part of any school's literacy strategy! Tracking facilities make it ideal for IEP's or any student learning plan (see IEP Handy Toolkit Targets).

Platform: PC
Licence: School Site Licence - install on any number of computers in any one school
Price: 95

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SPECIAL! Toolkit Bundle 150 - Save 40
Buy Literacy Toolkit and Numeracy Toolkit
(school site licences) and save 40
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Literacy Toolkit CD ROM

Price: 95 (site licence)
Literacy skills devolpment program.
Suitable for 5 to 10 year olds.

Numeracy Toolkit CD ROM
Price: 95 (site licence)
Numeracy skills development program for number 1 - 100.
Suitable for 5 to 10 year olds.


SPECIAL! Learning Support Bundle 250 SAVE 45!
Buy Maths Tracker and Maths Tracker Senior
and get Sight Vocabulary Builder FREE!
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Maths Tracker CD ROM
Price: 125 (single user version)

Maths Diagnostic Program Level 1-3
Suitable 1st, 2nd and 3rd class

Maths Tracker Senior CD ROM
Price: 125(single user version)

Maths Diagnostic Program Level 4-6
Suitable 4th, 5th and 6th class.
Also suitable for Foundation Maths at secondary level.

Sight Vocabulary Builder CD ROM
Price: 45 (site licence version)
*May not run on some PCs running Windows 10
Interactive Dolch List plus 580 Social Sight Vocabulary word listing.
Ideal for Learning Support, Special Needs, RTT and ESOL

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