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Literacy Toolkit CD ROM - Review Intouch March 2015

Literacy Toolkit is a teacher resource CD ROM for use in mainstream classes, special education or with an IWB. It is intended to improve pupils' literacy skills. In a mainstream setting it is suitable for use in senior infants (Level 1), first class (Level 2 and 3) and second class (Level 3). This CD could also be used effectively with EAL pupils.

Each level covers three areas: skills development, vocabulary development and reading. The skills developed at each level are auditory and visual discrimination, memory and sequencing. The vocabulary associated with colours, days, months, fruit and vegetables is taught at each level. In reading, the pupil is introduced to word rhymes, homonyms, opposites, plurals and riddles.

At each level there are six activities (skills builders, vocabulary builders and reading) with ten items to be completed in each activity. Some of these are quite a challenge and pupils will need to be focused and on task at all times to complete the activities. Unfortunately, when a pupil gets an item incorrect s/he is not given another try, a hint or the correct answer and the only way they know whether they are correct or incorrect is by looking at the top of the screen where the number beside correct/incorrect changes.

Pupils can log in and their scores will be saved. Teachers will then have access to the aggregate scores for each pupil. These can be printed giving a record of pupils' progress in each activity. This feature makes the CD appropriate for target setting in individual teacher planning, schools literacy planning or for the development of IEPs.

As a classroom resource this CD could easily be used by pupils for 10 minutes or so each day to develop and build on their literacy skills. It also lends itself very well to use in whole class situations with an IWB. Special education teachers should find the vocabulary development, reading and target setting elements most effective.

The CD ROM is available from and costs 95 (School Site Licence).'

Reviewed by Caroline McCarthy

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